161 years ago, the New York female worker movement untied the bonds that held women to the conventional image the world was used to and opened the door to important achievements in recognizing the importance of women in the labor market.
In Portugal, PME Investimentos, through managed Funds and Financed Companies, is proud to support an increasing number of entrepreneurial women who, as a result of the need, of a more adventurous soul or out of pure passion, have rolled up their sleeves and decided to develop their own business projects. Heartgenetics, Josefinas, 5ensesinfood and ihCare are examples of projects created and led by women in different areas of activity, that PME Investimentos is very proud to support.

Led by 3 female scientists, Heartgenetics is dedicated to the genetic diagnosis of certain pathologies, with a special focus on the cardiovascular area. The method they developed allows for more accurate results, at a substantially lower cost when compared to alternatives in the market.

Josefinas were born from the dream of 3 enterprising women – luxury, modern, elegant and comfortable, made in Portugal, created by the hands of handmade masters, true craftsmen present in all creations (even the packaging – yes, they are also made by hand!)

5ensesinfood, led by 2 entrepreneurs, develops and markets probiotic micro-capsules for the food and beverage industry, which confer advantages on foods, such as expiry of the shelf life, protection of microorganisms from the food matrix and storage stability .

ihCare, led by 2 entrepreneurs, is committed to the development of innovative healthcare solutions. The first technological realization of IHCare is the showercare – a system for bathing in the bed with running water (shower). The implementation of this system in hospitals, clinics, continuous care units, palliatives and households aims to improve the hygiene of the patient / bedridden patient, which allows an effective means of fighting the infections associated with health care.

Within PME Investimentos, it is also with pride that we have raised the flag of gender equality. Our employment distribution primarily favors the female gender, which makes up 58% of our workforce.

Happy Woman’s Day!

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