Projects in “Pre-Seed” phase which, by the respective features and high risk involved, have difficulties in access to finance.

Companies that comply with the provisions of Article 8 of Regulation SAFPRI and are headquartered in NUTS II North, Centre and Alentejo or NUTS II regions Lisbon region.

Projects in proof-of-concept phase with significant technological content, regardless of the underlying technological scientific area, and proof of technology concept, prototyping, and valuation of intellectual property and development of business plans shall be deemed to be in-scope.

Investment period may not exceed 3 years.

Proof-of-concept phase should enable the industrialization, and potential commercialization of technology-generated products, or the ability to promote incorporation of companies with growth potential.

The end result of the proof-of-concept phase should be an investment-ready plan or a technology licensing plan.

The business plan must provide for the sale of the Venture Capital Fund’s stake in the company shortly after the completion of proof-of-concept, presenting the business plan or licensing the technology to potential investors.

Based on a document issued by promoters (project), demonstrating the business potential, a license for the use of intellectual property of underlying technology and the assumptions in which the development of technological proof-of-concept and profitability are based.

The participation of the fund cannot exceed 300,000 Euro, or 10% of total subscribed capital of the Venture Capital Fund.

The participation of the participation of the Venture Capital Fund, by project, does not exceed 50% of the value attributed to the project based on the business feasibility study.

At least 70% of the Venture Capital Fund in each project must be secured by equity or quasi equity.

Venture Capital Funds to be created or strengthened under this program are as follows:

Management Entity

Venture Capital Funds

Portugal Capital Ventures, SCR, S.A.

FCR Portugal Ventures Actec II

Espírito Santo Ventures, SCR, SA

FCR IStart I

Beta, SCR, SA

FCR Beta Ciências da Vida

Total value of Venture Capital Funds
14.84 million Euro

Comparticipação FEDER (via participação FINOVA)
9,36 milhões de euros

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