Financing investment projects for incorporation of new units based on existing technology-based companies.

Companies certified as SME (PME) by IAPMEI, which respective CAE is in-scope of SAFPRI (Industry, Energy, Construction, Trade, Tourism, Transportation / Logistics, Services), with head-offices in the NUTS II regions of the North, Centre and Alentejo, and compliant with the provisions set forth in Article 8 of the SAFPRI Regulation.

Projects for the development of new businesses or resulting in automation processes in innovative business areas based in national technology-based companies.

Based on the Business Plan and where applicable in other elements of analysis for each project and prospects for sustained profitability / viability, consistent with market conditions.

Participation of Venture Capital Fund per company cannot exceed the amount of 1 million Euro.

At least 70% of the Venture Capital Fund’s participation in each project must be secured by equity or quasi equity.

Venture Capital Funds to be created or strengthened under this program:

Management Entity

Management Entity Venture Capital Fund

Critical Ventures, SCR, SA

FCR Critical Ventures I

Portugal Capital Ventures, SCR, S.A.

FCR Portugal Ventures Biocant

Total value of Venture Capital Funds
17.1 million Euro

ERDF (FEDER) contribution (via FINOVA)
8.5 million Euro

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