FACCE supports restructuring, merger and consolidation of companies and corporate restructuring projects with demonstrated economic add-value, joint ventures and other forms of stable industrial and commercial partnership.

Support economic growth and the creation, maintenance and qualification of employment;

Enhance the competitiveness of national enterprises and the economy;

Encourage restructuring, and corporate concentration and consolidation; and

Encourage entrepreneurship, the dynamics of growth and business expansion.

Subscription or purchase of shares and securities or rights convertible or exchangeable;

Subscription or purchase of debt securities issued by corporations;

Direct grant loans to companies or participating in any way in lending or mechanisms to provide guarantees for loans granted to companies by third parties.

FACCE adopts as a privileged mode of intervention the complementarity of funding, to be provided with other forms of financing, including credit from credit institutions. FACCE and credit institutions will execute contractual arrangements to rule the terms and conditions of joint financing to companies.

Direct funding to be provided by FACCE may not exceed the lesser of: the amount corresponding to 40% of the funding needs of the operation or project; and 10 million Euros.

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