FACCE – Autonomous Fund to Support Company Merger and Consolidation Operations (“Fundo Autónomo de Apoio à Concentração e Consolidação de Empresas”) is one of three instruments of the Programme PME Consolida, intended to implement special measures to support economic activity and employment provided for in the Programme Initiative for Investment and Employment approved by the Portuguese Government in 2009.

The Fund has an envelope of 175 million Euro and provides a mechanism for co-financing of restructuring, merger and consolidation of companies, in particular SME, in various economic sectors, holding certificates attesting the regular status before the Tax Authorities and the Social Security.

PME Investimentos – Sociedade de Investimento, S.A., with head-offices at Rua Pedro Homem de Melo, No. 55, 3rd floor, S/309, Porto, was designated management company, having the day-to-day running and management of FACCE, and, in particular, the receipt, analysis and groundwork processes for investment decision.

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