The launching ceremony of the SIF Debt Line, a guaranteed and subsidized credit line which aims to promote the financing of innovation and social entrepreneurship initiatives in partnership with Financial Institutions and Mutual Guarantee Societies.
It was in the presence of the Secretary of State for Planning, the President of PME Investimentos and the Presidents of the partner entities Portugal Inovação Social, COMPETE 2020 and the National Mutual Guarantee System that the partnership protocols were formalized with the representatives of the Financial Institutions that subscribed to the Social Innovation Fund’s debt instrument.
The opening of the ceremony was held by Dr. Marco Fernandes, President of PME Investimentos, the managing entity of SIF.
The Secretary of State for Planning, Professor José Gomes Mendes, responsible entity for Portugal Social Innovation Mission Structure and Social Innovation Fund, closed the ceremony that took place at the Thalia Theater, in Lisbon.
SIF Debt will be available at the participating banks.
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