Between June 29th and July 20th, the Government, through the Ministry of Economy together with the Mission Structure for the Capitalization of Companies, will carry out a series of public sessions on the Capitalize Program, aimed at entrepreneurs . The Capitalize Program is a program to support the capitalization of companies and the recovery of investment, with the objective of promoting more balanced financial structures, reducing the liabilities of economically viable companies, as well as improving the conditions of access to the financing of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. There are 9 sessions already scheduled. Each session is organized in close partnership with the association / confederation of the respective region, so if you need more information please contact the responsible organization:
 – june 29th, 17h00, Coimbra |  more information CEC – Conselho Empresarial do Centro
–  june 30th, 10h00, Porto | more information AEP – Associação Empresarial de Portugal
  july 03rd, 10h00, Leiria | more information NERLEI – Associação Empresarial da Região de Leiria
–  july 04th, 10h00, Santarém | more information NERSANT – Associação Empresarial da Região de Santarém
–  july 10th, 10h00, Lisboa | more information AIP – Associação Industrial Portuguesa
–  july 11th, 17h00, Vila Nova de Famalicão | more information ATP – Associação Têxtil e Vestuário de Portugal
–  july 13th, 10h00, Aveiro | more information AIDA – Associação Industrial de Aveiro
–  july 14th, 10h00, Viana do Castelo | more information CEVAL – Confederação Empresarial do Alto Minho
–  july 20th, 10h00, Faro | more information NERA – Associação Empresarial da Região do Algarve
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