To access the support of FSCR, EECR have to execute a contractual arrangement (“Protocolo de Colaboração Institucional”), which contains all the rules and conditions for monitoring operations, according to the various types of available products:

FSCR participates directly in companies that hold the NEST statute (assigned by the Agency of Innovation), supporting promoters in a manner of risk coverage and results. Moreover, co-finances the participation of EECR in companies with NEST statute through subscription of bonds issued by those companies.

FSCR subscribes units of Venture Capital Funds managed by EECR, which have as their object the attainment of equity risk in SME.

FSCR co-finances venture capital holdings of EECR in SME by way of sharing risk and results.

FSCR subscribes bonds issued by EECR to refinance their venture capital holdings in SME.

FSCR refinances EECR conducting venture capital transactions in SME, in-scope for the FINICIA Program (emerging small-scale and innovation projects).

The 1st round of investment of FSCR ended in 2008 following the closure of the projects supported under PRIME. Since then, FSCR has to follow the evolution of its subsidiaries as well as divestment that may occur, through partnerships with EECR.

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