Closed since january 20th 2011

The Credit Line PME INVESTE VI, contractually arranged on 16 June 2010 with the Credit Institutions, has a total amount of 1,250 million Euro, with two Specific Lines aimed at:

Specific Micro and Small Enterprises (MSE) Line:350 million Euro;

Specific General Line: 900 million Euro.Within this specific line, there is a “General Allocation” in the amountof 450 million Euroand a “Exporting Companies Specific Allocation” in the amountof 450 million Euro.

Financing new investments in tangible and intangible fixed assets (performed within 6 months after the date of contracting);

Enhancement of working capital or fixed capital;

Up to 30% loan to settle debts with the financial system in the 3 months prior to the contracting of the operation and intended exclusively for the settlement of Tax and Social Security debts.

MTL, property leasing and leasing of equipment.

Credit transactions classifiable under the PME INVESTE VI benefit from a mutual guarantee over 50% of the value of each financing, except in the case of exporters which have not had previous transactions within the PME Invest, benefiting from an increase Mutual Guarantee of 60% of principal outstanding.

Partial subsidised spread in case of Specific Micro and Small Enterprises Line;

Full rebate of the mutual guarantee commission.

The amounts to be funded under this line are combinable with funding provided under the previous Credit Lines PME INVESTE, although, under the Specific Micro and Small Enterprises Line the maximum cumulative amount of transactions, taking into account the operations proposed under PME INVESTE VI and operations engaged in similar lines of previous PME INVESTE arrangements, cannot exceed 100,000 Euro of contracted accumulated loans.

For more information see the Disclosure Document.

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