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The Line PME Invests II / QREN, financed by Community Funds – ERDF (FEDER) through the National Strategic Reference Framework (QREN) / COMPETE, with the contractual arrangement with the Credit Institutions dated of 14 October 2008, has a total allocated  sum of 1,010 million Euro, with three Specific Lines:

Line “Geral” (General Line):750 million Euro

Line “Comércio” (Trade Line):200 million Euro

Line “Restauração”:60 million Euro

Portuguese SME with head-office in continental Portugal.

Intended for new investment in tangible and intangible fixed assets;

Line “Geral” (General Line):30% of total funding (but not eligible: Lisbon and Algarve)

Line “Comércio” (Trade Line):up to 35% of total funding

Line “Restauração”:up to 30% of total funding

Line “Geral” (General Line):750,000 Euro (1 million Euro if SME Leader)

Line “Comércio” (Trade Line):250,000 Euro (300,000 Euro if SME Leader)

Line “Restauração”:200,000 Euro

Maximum deadline: 4 years (5 years for SME Leader).

MTL Bank loans.

Transactions benefit from a guarantee of up to 50% on the value of each financing.

Interest rate subsidised amounting to 0.50% plus the applicable spread by the Bank;
Full rebate of the guarantee fee.

Interest at Euribor 3 month rate minus 0.5%, with a minimum limit of 1.5%;
Guarantee fee: no charge for beneficiaries.

For more information see the Disclosure Document.

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