Closed since february 15th 2013

The Credit Line PME Crescimento, available as of 16 January 2012, has a total amount of 2,500 million Euro, with two Specific Lines aimed at:

Specific Micro and Small Enterprises Line: EUR 500 million;

Specific General Line: 2,000 million Euro. Within this line, there is a “General Allocation” in the amount of 1,150 million Euro and a “Exporting Companies Specific Allocation” in the amount of 850 million Euro.

Operations to new investment in tangible or intangible (to be held within six months after the date of contracting) fixed assets;

Enhancement of working capital or fixed capital;

Up to 30% loan to settle debts with the financial system in the 3 months prior to the contracting of the operation and intended solely for the regularization of arrears of Tax and Social Security debts.

MTL, property leasing and leasing of equipment.

Credit transactions classifiable under the Credit Line PME Crescimento benefit from a mutual guarantee over 50% of the value of each financing, except in the case of transactions within the Specific Line, benefiting from an increase of Mutual Guarantee of 75% of principal outstanding.

Full rebate of the mutual guarantee commission.

For more information see the Disclosure Document.

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