Closed since march 21st 2014

The Credit Line PME Crescimento 2013, available as of 23 January 2013, has a total budget of 2,000 million Euro, with two Specific Lines aimed at:

Specific Micro and Small Enterprises Line: 400 million Euro;

Specific General Line: 1,600 million Euro.Within this there is a “General Allocation” in the amount of 700 million Euro and a “Specific Allocation Exporting Companies” in the amount of 900 million Euro.

New investment in tangible or intangible (to be held within 12 months after the date of contracting), or enhancement of working capital or fixed capital fixed assets;

Exceptionally, up to 30% of the transaction may be used to settle debts with the financial system in the 3 months preceding the date of their engagement designed exclusively for regularization of arrears to the Tax and Social Security debt.

MTL, property leasing and equipment leasing to finance investments.

Credit transactions will be executed in the context of Credit Line PME Crescimento 2013 benefit from an autonomous first demand guarantee provided by SGM, to guarantee up to 50% and 75% of principal at each moment in time, respectively, in the Specific General and Micro and Small Enterprises Lines.

Full rebate of the mutual guarantee commission.

For more information see the Disclosure Document.

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