Closed since september 20th 2016

The Credit Line Mezzanine Financing IFD 2015, available as of 1st of October 2015, has an overall envelope of 100 million Euro aims to promote procurement of capital for companies pursuing growth strategies through the promotion of mezzanine financing products, that will grant companies greater stability of the funds that were made available to them.

Operations aiming to finance growth, acquisition or companies capital increase of more than 20%, in Portugal or abroad.

Operations designed to finance holdings acquisition in succession processes within family businesses, with a ceiling of 25% of total investment, as buyers should ensure that 75% of the operation is financed through autonomous funds.

Credit facilities under this Line benefit from an independent first demand guarantee, issued by Mutual Guarantee, in order to guarantee up to 50 per cent of the capital due at each time, excluding capitalized interest.

It will be applied to the operations a interest rate equal at 6 months Euribor plus a spread:

of 2% on the amount of funding granted by Mutual Guarantee

to be negotiated between companies and the Bank, on the financing amount not granted by Mutual Guarantee

Fee payable by the companies, in accordance with the table foreseen in the Disclosure Document.

For more information see the Disclosure Document

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