Closed since august 24th 2018.

The new Capitalize Line 2018 is now available. Check here all the information.

Launched by the Ministry of Economy on January 16, 2017, the Credit Line Capitalizar had an overall envelope of 1,600 million euros, distributed by a set of financial instruments directed mainly to SMEs, which aimed to:

support long-term investments

create more advantageous financing conditions for Micro and Small Enterprises

leveraging the offer of financing solutions for investments in projects with community funds

expand the supply of working capital operations

and also to extend access to credit ceilings to all companies.

With funding amounts between 25,000 and 2 million euros per company and terms ranging from 3 to 10 years, the Credit Line Capitalizar reinforced a set of instruments that allow diversification of sources of financing and improvement of companies investment conditions.

The Credit Line Capitalizar was available between February 1st, 2017 and August 24, 2018 and was structured as follows:

Allocation: EUR 400 million

Objective: to increase access to financing for investments in assets and to increase capital for Micro and Small Companies;

Allocation: EUR 700 million

Objective: to finance working capital needs of companies with medium-term financing as an alternative to short-term credit;

Allocation: EUR 100 million

Objective: to extend the offer of credit in a revolving system, giving greater flexibility to the current management of treasury;

Allocation: EUR 100 million.

Objective: to finance investments in assets with a high recovery period.

Allocation: EUR 300 million

Objective: to extend the supply of bank loans to finance projects approved under Portugal 2020, with a focus on eligible expenses and other market segments in which the IFD 2016-2020 Facility and Credit Line may prove to be insufficient

For more information please consult the Disclosure Document and the Access Guide.

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