The Credit Line for Business Revitalization (“Linha para Apoio à Revitalização Empresarial“) aims to promote access to credit by companies, which have successfully obtained an approval, economic-wise, of a revitalization process in the form of SIREVE or PER, or a restructuring process with the mediation of the Credit Mediator (“Mediador de Crédito”), and need to finance working capital and investment associated with new expansion and growth cycles.

The aforementioned Line enters into force on 20 April 2015, with a budget of 50 million Euro and two Specific Lines as follows:

“Short-term” Specific Line of 30 million Euro

“Medium Term” Specific Line of 20 million Euro

“Short Term” Line

Transactions exclusively designed to finance cash requirements up to one year.

“Medium Term” Line

Transactions with a maximum 4 years and 6 months grace period aimed for new investment in tangible or intangible fixed assets (to be completed within 12 months after the agreement date), or strengthening of working capital or permanent capital;

On an exceptional-basis, up to 30 per cent of the transaction may be used to settle debts which were contracted with the financial system within the past 3 months preceding the date of the agreement and aimed exclusively to the settlement of payments due to the Tax Administration and the Social Security.

Credit facilities under this Line benefit from an independent first demand guarantee, issued by Mutual Guarantee Companies, to guarantee up to 75 per cent of the capital due at each time.

Full rebate of mutual guarantee fee, corresponding to 1.875 per cent.

To be negotiated between the companies and the Bank, with a maximum cap corresponding to EURIBOR (6 months) plus a spread of 4.45 per cent.

For more information see the Disclosure Document

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