Whereas SME represent more than 90 per cent of the Portuguese business framework, it is understood the crucial role of these companies in creating and maintaining jobs and their relevant contribution for the GDP. Additionally, SME companies usually hold a flexible structure which makes them apt to adopt strategies of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Whereas the access to financing is commonly presented as a limit to the growth of SME, Portuguese and European entities have developed intervention tools to potentiate the development of those entities, with particular aim at financing. In this context PME Investimentos promotes the development and increase of the financing offer to SME, notably through the management of re-financing and risk sharing tools, setting forth solid partnerships with financial intermediaries, for the purposes of acting in segments of the Portuguese economy, defined as priority as per public policy.

In order to fulfil the aforementioned mission, primary objectives are as follows:

Contribute to the access of national SME to financing models appropriate to the execution of strategies for sustained growth;

Play the role of an active instrument for pursuing a policy of entrepreneurship, innovation, business competitiveness and internationalization;

Promote the capture of new funding for venture capital industry, in a logic of refinancing and risk sharing, inspired by sustainable and solid partnerships with market players;

Enhance governance models of financial instruments under management, as well as of partnerships, in particular with the negotiation and close monitoring of objectives and commitments;

Identify priority target-markets, in face of public policies regarding corporate financing; and,

Promote greater interaction between public policy and private activity.Potentiate the action as a public funding entity of financial engineering instruments aimed at SME, and promoted under the EU support framework;

Develop and roll-out new financial instruments available to the market through Funds under management;

Act as management company of Funds, with high standards of quality, professionalism and efficiency, ensuring the execution of underlying public policies and add-value;

Execute a policy of reporting to shareholders and to public entities which fund instruments under management, in order to ensure the adequate monitoring of implementation and effectiveness of public policies;

Maintain a policy of streamlining the resources’ management, ensuring compliance with the required service levels;

Capitalize on the skills and abilities gained in the management of financing and risk sharing instruments, in order to be recognized by stakeholders as an organization geared to performance excellence.

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