The society

The company was incorporated in 1989 as a joint stock company, and took two consecutive corporate names since the incorporation. Initially incorporated under the name “SULPEDIP – Sociedade para o Desenvolvimento Industrial, S.A.”, the corporate name was changed in 1998 to “PME Investimentos – Sociedade de Investimento, S.A.”, the present corporate name. Currently, there are offices in Lisbon and Oporto, with the registered office registered in Oporto.

PME Investimentos – Sociedade de Investimento, S.A. is a financial society belonging to the business sector of the State, subject to the supervision of the Bank of Portugal, and its mission is to promote the development and increase of the financing offer to companies which do not integrate the financial sector, notably small and medium enterprises (SME), namely through management of special investment funds, as public policy vehicles for the support of companies, from own capital and credit standpoints.

Vision and Ambition

The vision and target of the Company is, under and within the applicable framework set forth at each time by the shareholders, to contribute to the strengthening of the efficiency of the banking intermediation process and the development of new activities and players in the capital market, and continues to be recognized by its action as a promoter of entrepreneurship, innovation, competitiveness and internationalization of the Portuguese business sector, as well as of the development and increase of sustainable financing of SME.


The mission of PME Investimentos is to stimulate and promote the expansion of the offer of financial instruments of public policy, in particular to SMEs, acting as a catalyst for entrepreneurship, innovation, competitiveness and internationalization of the Portuguese business sector, also taking into account national designs and European policy objectives to promote territorial cohesion, the promotion of digital transition and economic, social, environmental sustainability and appropriate governance practices.

With a view to boosting and expanding the supply of sustainable financing to SMEs, PME Investimentos has a consolidated role, both in debt and equity financial instruments, and in all segments and sizes of companies (micro, startups, SMEs, midcaps and big companies).

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